Angus Og


Angus Og was a comic strip which ran in the Daily Record and The Sunday Mail drawn by Ewen Bain. Set on the fictional island of Drambeg, fairest island in the Utter Hebrides, it featured the eponymous Angus Og, and a whole host of other characters, including his mother Mrs Og, Rosie the Highland cow, Lachie Mhor, Granny McBrochan and the ever suffering Mairileen.

The artwork is fantastic and the tales even more so, hilarious, imaginative, surreal, wry and just the right side of parochial. Always scheming, our protagonist’s adventures take in miraculous hangover cures, “Instant Thrift” potions, “The Peat Reek” enterprise, speaking cats, Council Hypnotism, Kelpies, “Flattermatic” cameras, enchanted chanters and much much more. Inevitably Angus’ get rich quick schemes collapsed around his ears but not before throwing a thousand laughs our way.

Collections of his work seem to be hard to get hold of, appearing on Amazon and Ebay from £75.00 upwards. I’d like to set up a dedicated website and reproduce the strips online (with permission of course) eventually. Meantime I’ll have a go at posting a few strips to build up the stories on here each week.

( Òg is Scottish Gaelic for “young”, my Granddad was called Willie Òg in the way Lewis folk call people by their first name and an applicable characteristic or trade eg Donnie The Post etc. Guess that explains my babyfaced youth then…)

11 thoughts on “Angus Og

  1. just stumbled on your site after seeing a feature on mcbain on tv last night.
    brought back great memories!!….ho ro for keanz beanz!!. McBain, Dudley D.Watkins
    and Bud Neill…….what a
    neglected Scottish triumvirate!!. Keep up the good work.

  2. Aw, sorry I missed the program!

    Yeah Angus Og is genius. Real laugh out loud stuff sometimes. Love Dudley D. Watkins work too having been brought up on a strict diet of Oor Wullie and The Broons in the Sunday Post each week (and annuals every Christmas). Did you know Watkins was a Mancunian though?

    And Bud Neill, I haven’t really read the Lobbey Dosser strips but have passed the brilliant wee statue on Glasgow’s Woodland’s Road plenty. Must make a point…

  3. i have a few angus og books one cost 2’/6. Angus and lachie are going into business together and angus says we will split it down the middle lachie 60-40. and lachie says damn it angus I’ll never get used to this new metric system, lol

  4. Growing up in the Lowlands in the 50’s & 60’s, with family in the Isles where I spent many a happy hour, day , week etc., I can relate to Angus and Lachie. Indeed you could say I met them on several occasions; although I knew them by other names. As were many of the other characters.
    And I loved every one of them like brothers/sisters; unfortunately they are all gone now, superceded by the incomers. As with every pastoral area of this great kingdom whwere cockerels are subject to noise abatement orders and the hedges and gorse are clipped into “artistic” Statuary

  5. I was always a bit of an Angus Og fan, read it every day as a kid, then when I started my apprenticeship and had to buy my own paper up till it stopped in the 80’s ( i think ). When I got a computer and had to make up an email address there was only one name to use, although I did have another one as Bawheid McTurk, a dodgy character from one of the stories who ended up trapped in a cottage surrounded by the police – ‘the games up bawheid, we know your’e in there’. Happy memories, thanks to Ewen Bain.

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