Dualchas House Via Architect’s Journal.

It is said that a Lewisman would be homesick in heaven. And I thinks that’s more true than I’d care to admit.

So, ok, we’re going to have a go at rebuilding The Croft. Or is it more of a restoration?

Either way, the blog is back with a renewed sense of hope and an unshaken faith in a small island, shrugged off from North West coast of the Scottish mainland, called Lewis. A lifeline to the blog’s original ambitions was thrown during a recent week’s work at the lambing when an unexpected offer to take over an excellent croft was made. Over the next two years we will work towards this possibility and record the progress on here but meantime, the blog will continue to look at aspects of the island’s culture and it’s people’s future as they grapple with their place in the 21st century. There will also be a few more opinions thrown in along the way.

The Croft is not interested in rehashing the latest issues of the day thrown up and out by the Hebrides News and the Gazette. Nor does it wish to dabble to deeply in the fankle of island politics. Nothing that can be said or done here will make a blind bit of difference. What The Croft really wants to do is confirm what R. Stornoway (RIP) once said: “We do not live in the back of beyond, we live in the very heart of beyond”

Hope you enjoy what you read both previously and to come and as always please feel free to comment.

Am fear a bhios fad aig an aiseig

Gheibh e thairis uaireigin

8 thoughts on “Rebuilding

  1. Really glad to see you back!

    I do love your blog.

    (also, thanks for the push toward Nigel Slater in those posts way back when, he’s now my guru)

  2. Welcome back at last!! glad you decided to revive the Croft ~ just goes to show that once you have the Island blood in your veins you cannot stay away for too long!!

  3. The resurrection of a virtual croft and a real croft? That’s great news. I had set aside some of my big lottery win to buy a croft on Lewis and offer you the tenancy but it looks like your numbers might come up anyway (sometimes there are more important things than money).

    I’ll come and say hello when you arrive unless all those bloody incomers have driven me away ;-)

  4. Haha :) Hey, I’ll probably need the lottery money to take up this crofter’s offer, no free lunches in this game!

    As for the incomers, simply slip into a blue boiler suit and you’ll be taken for one of us natives, they’ll soon keep out of your way.

    Hope your own plans are coming on…

  5. good to see you back in the blogspehere and revitalised with the dream
    believe it or not us incomers don’t want to get rid of ‘natives’!!

  6. I’m not so sure CP, with the natives out of the way all the road signs could drop the confusing Gaelic, all the shops and sailings would run on Sundays, there’d be no pesky sheep blocking the roads, no threat of windfarms spoiling the view, no boy racers tearing across the Barvas road, no vomit in the narrows on a Saturday night…it could be bliss ;)

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