The Autumn / Winter collections are dropping and Harris Tweed is again a popular choice for the Japanese street fashion market.

Here are some proper interpretations of the safari jacket from the Ships group in Japan. Tweed is the choice fabric and it does the look well by providing a colder weather jacket for a usually hot for the equator type of wares.

Ships tends to do things right, so we’re sure these pieces will last you some time.

Haggas eat your heart out.

10 thoughts on “Ships

  1. Tsk. 3,0000 yen for it ? ain’t that about £200??? I could buy a room and kitchen in Millport for that!

  2. they are marginally nicer than the feather headband your pal Michelle was poncing around in, I’ll give you that…. Brave lassie, to hang around a close wearing that and looking all sultry and moody..

  3. Ha Ha!! Go on , she surely didn’t mean that as serious headgear? Maybe I’ve been living in the sticks too long, but even in my youth I wouldn’t have had the brass neck to sashay down Byres Rd in a feather headdress. And yes Crofty, me lad, I was young once :lol:

  4. To be strictly fair, Lanky Boy has told me that he considers £200 not that unreasonable. Which will be why he’s still living at home at 22….

  5. I doubt even Michelle would rock a feather headdress as casual daywear but that’s not really what she and her blog is about. While much of her posts are fun in a dressing up kinda way she really DOES wear a lot of that stuff out n about and pulls it off with aplomb…

    And those jackets will be twice that if and when they hit UK stores.

  6. well I’ve never seen a feather headdress worn with a plomb, but then I’m not in the same league as you young fashionistas… :lol:

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