The first crofting act was passed in 1886 to give security of tenure to crofters, protecting them from further forced removal from the land. There have been a number of subsequent pieces of legislation, and all have been amalgamated into the Crofters (Scotland) Act of 1993. The current Crofters Act is under review with a view to a revised Act being introduced during 2007.

Crofting communities are increasingly looking to reorganise croft land, create new crofts and, in many cases, utilise the land available to the good of the wider community also. Communities throughout the crofting counties are being encouraged and assisted to plan for the future by creating development plans and introducing initiatives on the land, utilising the crofting support schemes available. Proposals include new powers to create new crofts and opportunities to apply different regulatory policies to different crofting areas. Crofting legislation will be developed as a means of active and positive development to ensure that crofting, crofters and crofting communities continue and prosper.