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Arnish Moor, Lewis. Photograph: Murdo Macleod/Guardian


The Lewis Windpower scheme has finally been rejected

Ministers have concluded that the proposed 181 turbine Lewis Wind Farm would have a serious impact on the Lewis Peatlands Special Protection Area, which is designated under the EC Birds Directive and protected under the EC Habitats Directive.

I sincerely hope that more realistic schemes are brought forward in the very near future and a balance struck between the pressing economic needs of the islands and our overwhelming need to meet the impending consequences of Global Warming and the long tradition of Lewis’ inhabitants acting as custodians of their land and resisting damaging exploitation of it by big business.

Meantime the rest of the UK catches up with the debate with everyone from the Beeb to the Herald, The Independent to the Guardian getting their opinions out and allowing the heavyweight minds of the Great British public to weigh in with their intellectual gems:

” …Lewis which is basically one great peat bog is one of the ugliest, most despressing places outside Birmingham. Another is that its inhabitants are amonst the most consistently miserable in the world. Another is that they are mollycodled with one of the biggest state subsidies per head in the UK yet refuse a modest return to the wider community via a windfarm and for that matter, to do anything useful.”

Wonderful stuff.