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The entry for Lewis is hilarious…


Na h-Eileanan Siar (Hebridiski) is an archipelago of at least two islands off the East coast of America  (several miles away). They used to be called the Western Isles and a few old people still call them by that name. The arechepelego lie 2 miles north of Stornoway. Most tourists will often call them the Western Hebrides, or the hee-brides in classic tourist pronunciation thinking that it should sound like East Kilbride in Strathclyde). Most people (those not incomers from Yorkshire) speak Gaelic and never go near the mainland. The capital city is Steornabhagh with an estimated population of 133 (300 polish) in summer and 7 (400 polish) in winter. A staggering 67% of people on the island are believed to be called Donald Macleod.


And it goes on and on! Xenophobic, mildly racist and pretty much offensive to anyone and everyone who has set foot on the hallowed isle, please do not click the following link if easily offended or lack a sense of humour.