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Nike Air Wovens X Harris Tweed Via jeffcarvalho


I caught my friend and Aspecto boss Big G rocking these sneaks the other day. Jealous? More than slightly. It has been a good couple of years since they dropped but they are as rare as proverbial hen’s teeth and I hadn’t seen them in the flesh/fresh until now.

So I’ll just make do with a new pair of Nike Pocketknife’s. Again they come in full Harris Tweed get up…


Via sling@flickr


…but again I can’t get hold of them in the mighty Clò Mór despite more than a few industry insiders hunting for me. Ah, well.

I did, however, snag a pair from their ACG range. The All Conditions Gear series by Nike is designed for nature lovers who are left unserved by competing shoe companies and have been created to deal with snow, rain, dirt and other elements on a regular basis.

The Pocketknifes unique eco-friendly design is based on the groundbreaking Long Ball sandal platform, with a natural rubber waffle sole stitched (not glued) to a breathable mesh and suede upper. Cork footbed, innovative lacing system, stitched swoosh logo at the side. They also fall under Nike’s Considered shoe policy.

They’re kinda ugly but I like ’em. You can check them out for yourself here.


P.S. If you hadn’t heard about the Nike-Meets-Harris-Tweed tale then click here.