As part of St Kilda: The Opera, Design is Central have been commissioned to record a long-term timelapse on the main island of the St Kilda group, Hirta.

St Kilda Timelapse page

The viewpoint looks North East out over to Boreray. Each day 1100 images are being taken (it hardly gets dark at this time of year).

Installing and keeping this all going has been a big technical challenge , but well worth the effort when you see the results as stills and animations of individual days.

The Set Up On Flickr

Stills On Flickr

One thing you don’t get is the vast scale – the islands in shot are 6km away – so they added the Eiffel Tower to scale to give an idea of the relative sizes involved on the stills.

The real joy is the timelapses themselves. Truly wonderful stuff.

St Kilda Time Lapses


(Thanks to Bluewave for the tip-off. Interestingly the Design Is Central office is next door to ours. Might need to pop in and pester them!)