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Reykjavik Iceland’s violinist with her voice in the clouds: Gudbjrg Hlin Gudmundsdttir and friends Sindri, Kjartan, Orn are the inner triangle of Seabear along with Eiki, Orvar, Gudni and Driguitar. Seabear features members of Sigur Ros, mum and stage members of Benni Hemm Hemms Band the other Icelandic band on morr music. Tiny and gigantic, unobtrusive and exciting at the same time. This album doesn’t blurt it out: There is no loud Ta-Dah!, no exclamation mark. ‘The ghost that carried us away’ flatters in a rather unobtrusive way. However, it has encircled you after the third song at the latest. Fragile hymns of nonchalant casualness, created by the 24-year-old Sindri Mr Sigfsson. Guitars, piano, his almost bashful and yet so present voice. Nature, mortality, love, these are the topics of his debut album. Even the one who listens only briefly, is able to make them out within the sounds. Do you remember how the things look when you were young?


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