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I read with interest today that two areas of my wee world have collided in wonderful style.

Graven Images is a Glasgow based design company who have been responsible for the interior design work at my place of work for a good long number of years. For random work reasons, I have worked with one of the chaps there, Jim Hamilton, on a couple occasions and can think of no better interiors company to be collaborating with Harris Tweed Hebrides to launch a new range of products in Japan.

Working with Harris Tweed Hebrides, Graven have created a new range of products and fabrics for interior designers and architects. The new collection, designed and manufactured to meet contract specifications, will be launched at 100% Design at Jingu Gaien-mae, in the heart of Tokyo in October 2008.

The new capsule collection of tweed fabrics extends the reach of Lewis-based Harris Tweed Hebrides’ hand woven pure wool textiles – with its unique protected provenance – into contract interiors. About time too.

The innovative product range includes a sumptuous capsule collection of contemporary tweeds, upholstered furniture, lampshades, bed throws and soft furnishings. Further products, including heavier weights of fabric with enhanced performance characteristics and a more extensive range of colourways, are already in development.

Ross Hunter, Director of Graven Images said…

“Harris Tweed Hebrides is a Scottish success story. These hand woven, 100% pure wool products have a fabulous depth of colour that’s far superior to piece-dyed fabrics. The blend of colours used to make each strand of yarn mimics nature in its complexity and gives designers the option to coordinate each fabric in the collection with many other colours – making them perfect for interior designers. We plan to use them in our hotel designs worldwide”.

Our venue used Bute Fabric for all the upholstery work when we refitted a few years ago. Next time I’ll make sure it’ll be Harris Tweed! Anyway the stuff looks great and hopefully I’ll get a chance to drop into the Graven offices and see their work. Meantime you can feast your eyes on their products by clicking the link below

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PS: Should Calanish have two L’s?