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Back when I was a wee boy, my Granny K & Auntie A.C. used to knit me Icelandic jumpers.

I did not appreciate them at the time, in fact they were hellish to wear, all scratchy and itchy and even more hellish to take off. My Mum would pull them over my head, inside out till my ears bled and my neck stretched to breaking point. The agony of removing the Icelandic jumper!

Well, I want one again. Ideally for Xmas.

In the absence of Granny busting out the ol’ knitting needles again any purchasers can visit Scotweb and pick me up a genuine Hand-Knitted Luxury Aran Icelandic ‘Odin’ Jersey a snip at around £150.00 

Jeezo! I should be taking up the knitting myself…