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Can you imagine a white-only Britain?


One of the serious upsides to all this immigration is the great food we get to scoff as a result. One particular bonus for us Glaswegians is the establishment of Banana Leaf in the city’s West End.

During the last five years there has been an increase in the South Indian population in Glasgow from young students to doctors and IT professionals. There has also been significant increase in the number of tourists travelling to South India who have had a chance to experince the rich and diverse cuisine the region has to offer raising a great demand for authentic South Indian food in Glasgow.

To cater to this demand Banana Leaf was started in March 2007 with an aim to deliver authentic South Indian food at the most reasonable prices to meet the needs of the South Indian diaspora and the local community in Glasgow .

Banana Leaf has a very tastefully selected menu to make an unique fusion of different flavors from the southern states of India. This has been a real treat to the local populace who have been used to the ‘westernised’ curry dishes so far. In the past year Banana Leaf has become popular for its mouth watering delicacies like dosas, idlis and chettinad style curry dishes and the review from The Herald vouches for the authenticity of their food.

Their food has become so popular their catering has extended to all corners of Scotland (up to Inverness) satisfying tastebuds wherever they go.

Beats egg and chips any day.


Banana Leaf website

Joanna Blythman review


(Cheers Jack for the tip-off last week!)