Waves at Shawbost – Via Bluewave

Further to my post in April last year, one of the largest wave energy farms in the world will be built off the coast of Lewis as Scottish ministers have approved a wave electricity generating station with a four megawatt capacity at Siadar.
The farm, a collaboration between npower renewables and Wavegen, will create about 70 jobs in the Western Isles, and will power about 1500 homes in the area. It is one of the first marine renewable energy projects to be approved in the UK. 

First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“Today’s announcement is a significant step in Scotland’s journey to become a world leader in renewables. This is proof of Scotland’s unique opportunities in renewables and evidence that we are already on the way to seizing every opportunity to maximise our natural resources and capability to generate clean, green energy. This is good news for the Western Isles and for Scotland but its long-term potential is global.”
The farm, which Mr Salmond said is the first commercial wave farm in Scotland, will consist of 40 turbines encased in a concrete breakwater structure. Ocean waves move air in and out of chambers in the breakwater which drives the turbine to generate electricity. The Scottish Government has a target of 50% of electricity demand to come from renewables by 2020, and an interim target of 31% by 2011. 

Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland, welcomed the announcement.

“These kind of near-shore wave machines will be important for many of Scotland’s coastal communities in the future and we welcome the go ahead for this pioneering scheme. Scotland is a world leader on exploiting wave power and continued support for these green energy schemes will deliver huge export benefits in technology and expertise. We want the Scottish Climate Change Bill to set tough targets to drive Scotland towards a low-carbon economy and clean, green energy will be an important part of that transition.”
Excellent news and congratulations to the local community in Siader for working so hard to push this forward. Now more of the same please.