Crabshakk, Glasgow. Via carolannpeacock


Ok, there are upsides to living in the big city.

One of which is the occasional appearance of a damn fine looking food place like Crabshakk. The proprietors are a Hebridean architect John McLeod and his wife, Lynn and the menu is good, honest seafood.

I think it was that old lush Floyd who said the best seafood restaurants are to be found with a quick walk from the best fishmongers and Crabb Shakk is right there, just 2 minutes from MacCallum’s of Troon fishmongers in Finnieston. Upstairs it’s all white tiling and sepia prints of the beaches of Lewis and other such scenes. At ground level, benches of driftwood emerge from alcoves and the room is dominated by four mammoth Belle Epoque lamps along the bar.

My only gripe might be the menu prices. Simple and robust as most of the dishes appear to be I know personally I can do them just as well at home. A large portion of mussells weighs in at £8.95 and with fresh mussels averaging around £2.60 a Kg then it’s quite a mark up. Not to mention the bread and butter at £1.95! But, hey, you’re eating out in great surroundings and people are cooking and bringing you grub so I’ll quit moaning.

Here is an online review from The Times