After a wee storm in a strupach over on that virtual corner of a foreign field that will be forever England a clique of overly sensitive sassenachs got their yellow trousers in a fankle and somehow turned me into a poor scape-sheep for their own wee insecurities. It was all good fun (for me anyway) while it lasted but despite my tongue being obviously and firmly planted in cheek one renowned drama queen spat the dummy and chucked his rattle and a few other dafties harrumphed off all the while blaming my Machiavellian ways for the whole palaver. Hilarious! Anyone would think I’m a right real-life Mac ‘ A Noonoo…

Who the flick is Mac ‘ A Noonoo?!

Well, watch and learn and be warned viewer discretion is very definitely advised.

And even more extreme…

But it’s not all white-settler bashing, few sections of island society have escaped the acerbic tongue of the mighty Mac a Noonoo, a balaclava and boilersuit-clad Stornoway comedian. The man behind the mask is Billy Matheson, comedian and writer, known to many throughout the islands thanks to his brilliant ‘Mac a Noonoo presents’ CDs, from which such gems as ‘Shonny Cash’ and ‘I’ve Been Everywhere Man’ have sprouted in PC inboxes across the land.

Says Billy:

“Macanoonoo is definitely not me, because I am actually quite a shy respectable person! But he gives me an outlet to enter another world. People come up and say to me that they can’t believe I said this or that, but they relate to the backlash against the politically correct world we live in. I want a revolution. We live in a nanny-state where people are scared to say anything, and when Mac a Noonoo goes on stage he says what people think but don’t say.”

His recent, unsuccessful pitch of a new Gaelic sitcom Lostbost has put Billy on his travels for a bit but never fear the boiler suit will be back and as bad as ever.

Meantime you can fill your boots over on his MySpace page where you can listen to the CD’s which are way, way funnier (check out Tissonami, United States Of Stornoway, Crap Craft Fayre…) than the stand up stuff.

In my humble, non-racist opinion…