Bit laughable calling it a garden but heck, things are growing!

I’ve got more salad than I know what to do with. The rocket, mizuna and mustard leaves are growing thick and fast and no matter how much I cut and use, there seems to be loads more a few days later. The lettuces (3 types) are the same, just cut and they come back. Brilliant.

And the spinach, for so long looking tired and weedy has just thrived recently producing big heavy leaves as well as much smaller baby ones. I love spinach and it’s been a treat to just pick leaves and chew ’em Popeye style.

Some of the plants have bolted / flowered but they look nice, still taste good and today I saw a few bumble bees for the first time getting their fill which was cool.

The herbs are all doing fine if not as dramatic as the veg. I’ve used the thyme on a few tarts and it’s been great just to grab handfuls of basil every second day without having to hunt the supermarkets. I think the other stuff will take a while to come on but I look forward to sage, mint, marjoram etc when they are fully grown.

Finally the beetroot and french dwarf beans have a bit to go and I think they’ll be the most satisfying. I wish I’d had a crack at tomatoes and maybe courgettes but there’s always next year. More pics on Flickr if you fancy —>

Just wish I had a proper garden.