The Guireans are the leading exponents of the indigenous and unknown Outer Hebridean musical form known as Avante Gaelic Obscurist Folk Rock (AGOFR).

From their isolated island base in Sandwick the Guireans have attacked every genre of music from danns a’rathaid to death metal since 1979, with a lack of success that surprises no-one who hears them.

The Guireans’ formula is simple:

1) Take a well known popular song.

2) Change the lyrics to address the primary concerns of life on the Island of Lewis – sheep, peats, sgadan ‘s buntata, the curam, tractors, white settlers, funerals, sheep again, how only our Gaelic is the right Gaelic, whether to join the Free Continuing Associated Presbyterians or stay with the Associated Free Continuity Presbyterians, poaching, the Gut Factory (RIP) and sheep.

3) Play very badly using whatever instruments or domestic items are handy, and record on a poor quality cassette player.

4) Stick the cassette at the back of a drawer for at least 15 years without listening to it before you take it out again.

The result is a music that has been variously described as “challenging”, “difficult” and “sh*te”

Accept No Imitations!