Harris Tweed made its name hand-looming tweed on the Isles of Lewis, Harris, Ulst, and Barra in Scotland, a tradition that continues to this day. Each swatch was the exact same brown until recently when Harris decided they needed to rejuvenate their image—as if tacking them onto a pair of Nikes wasn’t good enough—and introduced a whole new array of colors. As a purist, I prefer the signature canvas of Louis (over any other reimagination) and the beige of Burberry, but Harris Tweed isn’t just any tweed, so here we are celebrating colored tweed.

Outfit 1:

You have options with tweed. The traditional brown can be paired with just about anything, as proven here. He’s wearing: bright blues shoes, a deep red cardigan, and a floral-print, made all the more worse by the monstrosity beside him in an orange coat. But if you can extract him from her kung-fu grip, the outfit kind of works. So if you have a nice old tweed blazer in your closet, pull it out and pair it with ‘unlikelies’ for a really killer look. I think you’ll know when you’re looking in the mirror if it doesn’t work.

Outfit 2:

This jacket is so great—do you notice his hat matches his pants? Though you probably don’t need four watches, any item of clothing that ‘harkens back to the olden days’ should always be paired with similar accessories (think pocket watches, pocket squares, bow-ties, etc.) to get that kitschy-cool vibe. Don’t shy away from brooches, as feminine as they can be. Instead, it’s really all about finding the right one—his looks like kermit the frog or something but the thistle of Scotland, for instance, is a very versatile emblem.