For the time being I’m stuck on a virtual croft. Spare a thought then for the likes of Ol’ Stoney, an exile from Oz shacked up on a croft in Aberdeenshire.

I like Stoney’s blog a lot and have read it for ages. I also like pulling his leg about being a self aggrandizing auld blawhard, transformed from a pudgy city slickin’ journo to a nuts n bolts smallholder and always reminding us city fowk how hard he works. I’m sure he appreciates my candour.

Anyways, he’s out there doing the do in some mighty cold weather so respect is due.

Musings From A Stonehead

Closer to home and also keeping it real is my ‘Frisco chum esconsed in deepest darkest Earshader. Keep an eye on his blog too…

Barry’s Blog