After the big snap,the Abhainn Dearg distillery has decided to warm everyone up with news of the release of ‘The Spirit of Lewis’.

While we wait on tenter hooks for their  Single Malt in 2011, for the moment they are releasing a special 500ml New Spirit, sample bottles that will carry the bottle number as well as the cask number, and Marko’s signature of authenticity.

They will be the first legal bottles of spirit to be made on the island in almost 160 years.

Nose: Intense floral notes dominate, followed by a slightly buttery touch and a fruity, Grappa-like freshness

Palate: Quite sharp at first, changing into warming, soft and sweet nutty tones. The fruity touches stay, but more in the background. Just a minimal bitter note, almost not worth the talk. Extremely drinkable.

Finish: Enormously long finish, almost unextinguishable.

Plus: the return of the floral notes!