One of my favourite blogs is Caught By The River, a life as fishing as art sort of affair.

This week I’d encourage you to pop over and sign up to their mailing list as, after five fantastic river themed music compilations, they have decided to take a break from the water and go in search of ‘birdsongs’. That’s songs that are either by, about or influenced by birds.

A download link to the first in the series, which has been selected by Martin Noble of British Sea Power, will be sent to all members / subscribers on Wednesday 27th January.

In addition to this, each download will come with a sleeve designed by artist Matt Sewell. For each comp Matt will paint a different species of bird to grace the cover. That’s the first one you can see at the top of this post.

To get you in the spirit of things you can listen to a demo of that Hebridean hooligan of the skies, “The Great Skua” a bird which, when it isn’t harrassing gannets to the point of puking, is dive bombing towrists who wander unawares near their nests.

Vicious buggers and well deserved of all the heavy guitars thrown in their direction here.