Lamb, Tong Barn, Isle of Lewis, April 2009.


Not quite sure why but, even though still a couple of months away, this year’s lambing season is on my mind.

The weather is usually lousy, the hours are usually long and, being the newbie, I always end up pulling the graveyard shift. Not the ideal or average holiday but I can’t wait as despite days spent shovelling s.h.1.t it’s literally a breath of fresh air.

I twittered pretty heavily last year while helping out at the barn but due to work commitments I wasn’t involved as long as I’d have liked. This year I’ll be over for longer and plan to get a few HD video blogs under my belt.

Poop, placenta and plucky wee lambs, all in glorious technicolour.

Lucky you!

To get you in the mood here’s the only lambing vid I can find on EweTube, narrated, apparently, by the computer from Star Trek.