Being a fairly lazy blogger I often assume I’ve covered the stark staring obvious stuff when in actuality I haven’t bothered my arse writing about it.

One prime example is Donald S Murray‘s latest collection of short stories and poetry, Small Expectations.

In the spirit of laziness and realisation that far more eloquent reviewers have already penned their opinions (see link above) I’ll leave it to them to convince you to go out and buy it. Needless to say it’s great stuff. Like Kevin Macneil, Donald is one of the few true Lewis literary voices working today, the latest in a long historical line of bards and wordsmiths.

Here he tells often surreal tales of lost language, evil herring knives and island trysts in the back of Hillman Avengers. The Valentine’s Day story  is hilarious and the poem Shellfish is perfectly turned.

The book is out on Two Ravens Press an interesting and independent publisher now based in Uig and the most excellent artwork is by Scottish artist Douglas Robertson.