In easily the funniest Twitter trend ever seen #lewisnicknames has kept me endlessly amused over the last couple of days.

At it’s most easily explained, on an island with a preponderance of  matching surnames and a similar co-ownership of first names compounded by a sea-locked and limited population where everybody knows everybody else one experiences a culture of serial nicknaming.

This may result in something as innocent as calling Donald Morrison the local postman Donnie The Post or calling they guy who does the decorating Murdo Painter but throw the wry and dry island sense of humour into the mix, add a healthy dose of Gaelic and a genetic predisposition to ripping the mick mercilessly and you have a community where every blaggard has a moniker foisted on them to live with until the day they die, like it or not.

My Grandad was Willie Og as he was a fresh faced lad, my uncle was Coco because of his big head of curly clown hair (I think!) and there are plenty more but others don’t get off so lightly. You can get labelled The Sauna because you’re always steaming or The Flycatcher for walking around with your mouth open. It’s endless but here’s a selection so far…

She Breaks At The Royal, Norrie Shit, Creepy Jesus, DONNIE DISCO, Goebbels, jellicoe, am polaichean, tuilcean, tweedy, bullaxs, john inch, droggy, perky, lobster, deedo, specky, An Geb, Rankan, Am Pope, Domhnall Gone, Yaach, Peel, Culapan, Domhnall an Cuibhleir, The Pod, Pluto (God of Anger), Bayah, Wobble, Blob, Zebo, Dodu, Prune, Goables, Eric the Hole, Paddy, Lala, Willie Bon Jovi, Willie Elvis, Marjory Blowjob, The Wall, The Bike, Beanbags, George Goc, Plum, Wagalee, Donnie Bastard, Womble, Wee Womble, Gonze, Stumpy, Wilbur, Ali Pennies, Pimple, Kiwi, Janet Planet, Dan The YM…

And it goes on and on.

Utter genius.