I’ll leave the words to Niall for this last one.

So this is it, the final fellow. I do hope you like.

A good story behind this one. I’m sure if you listen closely to the lyrics you wont need me to tell you what it’s about (same old story hah!). It begins with a recording of a stream. I went out late the night before heading into the studio and recorded it in Cromore with my four track, SO IT IS AT LEAST AUTHENTIC! But on the way home I had to cross a small bridge and it was at this point I noticed an Otter in the middle of the road, it had noticed me and slipped slowly off the road into the long grass. I proceeded slowly, it was then that it ran at my from a completely different side that it had gone done making a loud high pitched screaming noise. To be totally honest I completely shit myself and leapt to safety. HAH yeah I had fun telling everybody that story and looking like a pityful man. I was outside for a long time that night waiting for a lift.

Anyways, this is the last one. It’s been fun and great and I’m thankful for all the lovely messages I’ve had and positive support. I’ve been thinking and I’m pretty sure it wont be too long before I have some more tracks to upload and hopefully the past four shall be available on itunes in the not too distant future, I shall keep you up to date with that though.

Thanks Again Everybody