Off The Croft @ MacSorley’s Bar in Glasgow returns for October with another dang fine get together of like-minded musical, acoustical souls, this time introducing western islanders iglue and Cristin Mackenzie alongside East Coasters Sarah Banjo and Esperi.

Here’s the low down…

iglue is 21 year old Niall Masson from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.

He’s been writing music for this project since mid 2009. Having lived on the island most of his life, this is where he draw most of his inspiration from. He tries to dress like a fisherman but fails dramatically and also write poems and stories, which he hopes to incorporate into his music.

Sarah Banjo is a quirky cat from Cellardyke who likes swimming in the sea deepity deep deep deep. Her songs of love and pity take you on a colourful trip through lands of quick wit and fists, always with a hopeful look on bittersweet life. This happy cat with the arched back plays a magical mix of folk – pop – doowop and has been playing around Fife for a few years. You can usually find her at the Haven in Cellardyke on the last Thursday of every month.

Cristin is a bit of an enigma. We know he plays guitar and sings rather well indeed and that he hails from the remote district of Uig on the Isle of Lewis. What more can we tell you than he’s worth discovering before everyone else does!

Esperi is Scottish folkish music, blending both acoustic and electronic instruments with organic sound. Expect songs based around fingerstyle guitar playing and plaintive vocal melodies, often with layers of other instruments and sound. Esperi mainman Chris Lee-Marr seems to be making all the right waves…

Four great musicians, one night, free for all to listen.

Do join us.