100 years ago Philip MacSorley plied his own brand of whisky across the mahogany bars of his pub at 42 Jamaica Street Glasgow and last year the MacSorley’s crew set out to resurrect his legendary “Peacemaker” dram.

We set out on a 600 mile round trip to the remote village of Carnish on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides where Mark Tayburn had been busy creating a very unique craft distillery and the first legal spirit on the island in over 170 years.

We came back with a 30 litre oloroso cask of his new make spirit, fresh and clear off his unusual copper stills and left the wood to work it’s magic. When we opened it earlier this year we found a dram inside like no other and named it our Peacemaker batch in honour of old Phil’s drink from decades past.

We tasted it, the whisky buffs tasted it and the non-whisky lovers tasted it and all declared it was good. Damn good. So good in fact that even at £4.50 a measure we managed to empty the cask within three months.

So we made the long journey north again to fill the cask for a second time, mixing more new spirit with some of the original, and brought it home again during the summer to ready itself for opening again.

And ready it now is! What will it taste like this time? At a cask strength of almost 63% abv it will put a fire in your belly anyway…

Previous experienced whisky tasters have so far described it thus:

Nose: Vanilla fudge, toffee apple pie and salt herring. Ozone, yeast and a floral note too. Lots of tannins. how can such a young spirit be so complex? Vanilla, honey(really sweet), malty, salty, fresh sea air, so much honey and vanilla! Nice sweet apple.

Palate: Explosion of sweetness, fizzing in the mouth shifting from sugar to salt. Foamy like sherbet, sweet, salty, hint of oaky oil

Finish: That long salty finish again. Fishy, oily, oak sweet hint of bitter.

But it changes all the time…

Join us on Wednesday 10th November to taste for yourself!

MacSorley’s Bar
42 Jamaica Street
G1 4QG