One thing is certainly, the Freemans Sporting Club is unlike any retail outlet in New York City.  More of a social gathering place than a merchandising locale, Freemans Sporting Club, or as known as FSC, is an esoteric spot which transplant its visitors to another time. A time period when craftsmanship is a more of a norm than just an extravagance, like it is today. Long situated on the non-described corner of Freemans Alley in Lower East Side, the establishment has also opened a second location along busy Greenwich Village on the corner of Bleecker and Christopher,

Winter sees the return of their shacket, Freemans Sporting Club’s innovative cross between a shirt and jacket. The unlined, single-buttoned piece features and commemorates the one-hundredth anniversary the Harris Tweed fabric. The tweed version retails for $600 USD, and is accompanied by a $398 USD Japanese wool variation.

Both pieces are available at the above Freemans Sporting Club locations in New York.