The Croft blog originally set out with a few half-baked aims and has gradually, over time, found its own identity.

More recently the distance between it and myself has faded, it’s a lot less anonymous than it once was. Anyone who doesn’t know me well would be forgiven for thinking I was slightly obsessed with this narrow aspect of the world and perhaps to some extent that’s fair. But it’s not the whole picture.

I could easily be doing a blog on graphic design, or Japanese culture, or vintage selvage denim, or obscure folk music, or U.S. workwear, or 1960’s filmaking, or International Style architecture (yawn!) or any of the other thousand things that float my boat. But this is the lens with which I’ve chosen to view the world online.

The reason I say this is two fold, not that I should give two hoots, firstly, to drop a hint that all this not entirely who I am. And secondly, to widen the net a little in 2011 in what can be considered relevant content on here.

I’ll never stray too far from island shores but every now and again I’ll maybe ramble on about something else entirely…