Continuing my long running aversion to tact and diplomacy I thought I’d start nominating people for disservices to the islands.

The resultant awards shall be called The Schaffies after our good pal Tomasz Schafernaker/.

Exhibition of South-east media bias, anti-gaelic diatribes, gross stereotyping and all round ignorance of Hebridean matters will stand you in good stead for winning a Schaffy. Maybe in a years time we may have enough nominees for an actual award ceremony.

While Lib-Dem MSP Iain Smith was in the running, to start things off we have a run-of-the mill forum rant from an ordinary member of the great British public upon hearing the news that BBC Alba is to be broadcast on Freeview in 2011.

What the hell? Who are these people who supposedly speak this elusive language they call Gaelic. Never met one in my life.

Can’t they just move to one island and only broadcast this channel on that Island? Or can’t they watch this channel on the internet?

Is it really so far fetched that I imagine everyone who speaks this language will know at least one person involved in the channel because there are so few of them?

The last I heard there were only 50,000 speakers. Can’t they just send each family a free DVD? It would probably be cheaper.

Congratulations TYCO you’re our first Schaffy nominee!

Feel free to nominate your own too…