Stand up John Gibson of The Scotsman

How many Gaelic speakers are we to educate (with their peculiar chuntering which is facing extinction) when we can’t teach non-Gaels to speak basic English?

We have in our government a “Minister for Gaelic”. Fiona Hyslop has deserted her spinning wheel and peat fire in her croft to put the case for the heedorum hoderum school. Doubtless she’ll be on big wages. Can we expect her to donate a few bawbees from her pay packet for a jannie for the school.

For every one Scot who speaks Gaelic, 99 don’t. Even the deer have stopped speaking it – and that was only during the rutting season.
Clearly £30m – of our money, mind you – has gone down the peat bog.

(And he gets paid for this? Reminds me why I don’t read the thing.)