This year (and last to be fair) has been soaked in whisky so far, so why not bring some of the uisge beatha to The Croft?

I’ve been drinking malt whisky since I was 15, there was always a bottle or two under the tree at Xmas and since then, each year as the nights draw in I invariably switch from rums n bourbons to malts and a wee deoch of water. But I’m a strictly just drink the damn dram kinda guy and left the tasting to the experts, collectors and hobbyists. Until now…

As I try new whiskies this year, I’ll be posting some (deranged) tasting notes, please don’t take them too seriously, I’m obviously no expert at all, at all.

First up Big Peat, a blended (or vatted) malt from Douglas Laing. Appealing to the hefty phenol fetishists of the whisky fraternity this promised to be a bit of a beast. I’ll admit I’m a fan of the ol’ peaty Islay malt with a huge soft spot for Lagavulins and Caol Ilas so was looking forward to this containing as it does Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and Port Ellen.

Anyway here goes…

Nose: Oily exhaust fumes from the Suiliven; quad bike tyres in summer; fishing boat diesel effluence in SY harbour; industrial disinfectant wipes on the shopfloor of Hebridean Engineering circa 1982.

Mouth: Chewing a Ness arsonist’s boilersuit; spicy marag dropped in a crofter’s hearth; burning, like Golf GTI tyres skidding off the Barvas Road at 90mph

Finish: Long; post-licking a hot, sooty blackhouse pot-chain.

All in all a good dram but not something I could drink all night. Maybe in winter with a hoolie blowing outside but even then…