I love the everyday Caol Ila 12. Warm, smokey, peaty, just a nice bottle of Islay whisky to partake in of an evening.

You know where you are with it. No drama.

But their unpeated 10 year old was a bit out of left field. Like the straight up 12 but in the nip, naked, with no peat stack to hide behind.

I take this with a tiny deoch of water and here’s the notes…

Nose: Blone’s nail varnish; pandrops from a cailleach’s handbag; freshly painted shieling.

Mouth: Hot Co-Op apple pie, summer machair, black pepper; a pic-n-mix-from-the-pakis-shop sweetness after a while.

Finish: Longish, melting vanilla slider at Garry beach.

So there you go. Not cheap at £60 a bottle, benefits from time in the glass and it’s at a weighty 65.8% abv so you have to ca’canny a bit.

Despite my despise of the distillery owners Diageo it still gets a thumbs up!