The Illusionist is an animated interpretation of a Jacques Tati script made by Sylvain Chomet of Belleville Rendezvous fame. Produced in Scotland and France very little is said throughout and what is spoken is mostly in French and Gaelic.

It tells the tale of a young Hebridean harlot who cynically manipulates a poor old French magician into menial labour and self-degradation to fund her new-found taste for fancy clothes and high-living eventually driving him to effectively kill his long-time pet and companion and flee in depression from the city of Edinburgh.

The film serves as a stark reminder to unwary men that island woman are not to be dallied with lightly and must be kept away from big stores and one’s wallet.

Take note coves.

( Please note none of the above synopsis is actually true. It’s actually a very beautiful film about fathers and daughters, magic and reality. Highly recommended.)