Last night another island Twitterfest occurred, this time it was #islandfilms that got trending.

And it’s still going.

My personal, entirely biased, Top 10 of the best efforts goes like this…

1. Maws

2. Airigh Potter

3. Da’s (Arnish) Boot

4. Cearns Dog Millionaire

5. Lochs, Stocinis, & Two Herring Barrels

6. There’s Something about Marybank

7. The Kids Are No Bad, Yerself?

8. Ferris Bueller’s Sabbath Observance

9. One Flew Over The Guga’s Nest

10. Chentlemen Prefer Blones

Also Jurassic Pairc, Moulin Rudhach, Full Metal Seacaid…

Parochially hilarious.