For any Lahndanahs, islahndahs or uvver tweed luvvers darn sarf…

Treasured Tweed: 100 Years of Harris is a V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, in South Kensington, London) talk and exhibit scheduled for this Friday, the event marking one hundred years of production of the classic cloth.

Trumpeting Harris Tweed as the cloth of choice for distinguished British gentlemen from Elgar to the current Doctor Who, and showcased by contemporary designers such as Vivienne Westwood, it’s a good chance to learn a little bit more about the clo mor.

Savile Row tailor and Menswear Designer of the Year 2010 Patrick Grant will speak about his work with the tweed and National Museums of Scotland curator Fiona Anderson will also give an introduction as to its history, production and manufacture.

The event, held at the Hochhauser Auditorium in the V&A’s Sackler Centre, will also include a presentation called Tweed: Reception & Identity by Dr Jonathan Faiers, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies for the School of Fashion and Textiles at Central St Martins and Harris Tweed Authority chief executive Lorna Macaulay will also speak at the event.


( The photograph above (by David Bailey) is of a tweed clad Brian Morris who was the manager of the swinging 60’s Ad Lib nightclub in London. I liked this description of him “even in daylight, Morris is surrounded by a pale glow of nocturnal health – a semi-physical attribute known in the East End as ‘moontan’.”