An outstanding, poetically crafted British documentary from 1971 portraying the unique and remarkable Page family. They live in the woods with no modern amenities and construct wonderful mechanical contraptions from the many bits of old scrap iron they surround themselves with.

The men tinker with their ancient steam engines, a Fowler and an Allchin, or the boat they’re building semi-submarine fashion, and the women tend the garden or play discordant tunes on the harmonium or the piano rotting away in the garden.

Cut off from society and its influences in their woodland paradise they spend their time observing, creating and surviving. They have evolved their own fantastical philosophies about the world around them, but gradually the film reveals a true independence of existence and a deep elemental wisdom that leaves you questioning today’s accepted values in our ever more homogenized society.

It’s beautiful, funny, moving, bizarre but constantly fascinating.

Live a unique and unusual life.

Swim against the current.

Don’t fear it.