Anne Campbell was born and brought up in Bragar, on the Isle of Lewis.

She studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with First Class Honours and a Distinction at post-graduate level, and lived in Edinburgh and the Isle of Harris before returning to Bragar ten years ago. She recently graduated from Edinburgh University with an MSc with Distinction in Archaeology. Her dissertation subject was the north Lewis moorland: the work was based on a field survey of the water catchment area of the bay at the present-day village of Bragar.

‘The Lewis landscape can be seen as a palimpsest: features representing human activity over millennia exist side by side and laid on top of each other, with the same sites and materials re-used over and over again. As well as these physical remains there is a dense network of place-names, songs and stories connected with each part of the landscape.

I work extensively from sketches done while out walking, trying to get a feeling of the immediacy of being outside in the fresh air alongside birds, sheep and other creatures. I am also interested in communicating a sense of the significance that the people of the island have attached, and still attach, to the land, by incorporating traditional verse and place-lore into my work.’