The Croft isn’t very sure what to make of this clothing line.

It’s so…odd.

So odd it might actually be good.

I mean the stuff looks crazy but is, apparently, highly practical too. Detachable legs for gun mounting?! I don’t even know what that means let alone entails but I sorta like it!

I have a bit of a blank spot when it comes to woman’s fashion, I find it hard to know if they’re taking the mickey half the time. Anyway, it’s all very Jilly Cooper meets Scaliscro Estate, Harris Tweed meets Harvey Nicks. It looks like serious tailoring stitched with a lot of fun but I’ll leave it to the PR spiel to convince you one way or another…

ansarinô was established in 2007 and has rapidly developed a reputation for exquisite leather and suede couture and by drawing on the unique qualities of Harris Tweed has produced remarkably versatile and attractive country clothing.

Garments are hand made combining practicality and functionality with sophistication and sex appeal while still maintaining the tradition of field and country.

Combining unadulterated British eccentricity with unerring practicality, The Shooting and Country Apparel by ansarinô offers the confident, dynamic woman with a 20 bore a liberal dash of sartorial elegance.

Created for the woman who wouldn’t dream of compromising her style while in the field, ansarinô exclusive range of elegant yet practical shooting wear also ensures that while she looks fabulous, her outfit is also far more practical, warm and technically efficient than any other shooting wear available on the market today.

Because The Shooting Suit is revolutionary, the ansarinôwoman is “ahead of the Game” – it is the first shooting wear ever to be designed specifically for the Gun, it is a technical garment, the fit allows a freedom of movement never experienced before.

With features such as a detachable lower trouser leg, and perfect fit when gun mounting, the styling incorporated in the ansarinô Shooting Suit prioritises functionality – while pushing style boundaries at the same time. This means that the Ansarino Shooting Suit doesn’t just look fabulous, it is technically brilliant too.

The ansarinô Shooting Suit combines Harris Tweed, leather and suede to create a garment that blends traditional textures with contemporary styling. The choice of Harris Tweed for this exclusive range of shooting wear means that the suit is robust and dependable, offering years of wear with the added warmth one can expect from a high quality tweed. The high quality tailoring, however, means that the suit is elegant, stylish and sexy. It is not only for those women for whom shooting is becoming a passion, but also for accompanying guests and loaders or those merely wishing to create a stir whilst enjoying wonderful days in the country.