Greg Chapman, Creative Director Schott NYC

A missive arrived in the Croft’s inbox this morning which it was only appropriate to share…

Sometimes, well occasionally, ok once in a long time a meeting can be a stimulating occasion. Such an occasion occurred this week at the headquarters of iconic New York biker jacket brand Schott.

Marlon Brando in The Wild One, James Dean in East of Eden and Bruce Springstein on the cover of Born to Run; they all wore Schott. The classic Schott has a stern but forgiving masculine design. Zips, buttons and the unique base buckle set amidst raw leather, forming a unique finished product barely matched by the testosterone of the leading men that adorned it.

Hard to imagine the pride and pleasure of seeing this design in Harris Tweed.  The masterpiece was designed by Shott’s  creative director, Mancunian Greg Chapman, as part of his limited edition Perfecto range. Greg states, “I’ve grown up with Harris Tweed, my father was a haulage driver and he would wear a jacket over his boiler suit and a shirt and tie underneath.”

At Harris Tweed we are glad of Greg and his father’s sartorial elegance because the All-American Biker jacket is on board with the All-Hebridean cloth and the result is more than just a ‘contender’ it truly ‘is somebody’.

– Mark Hogarth, Harris Tweed Hebrides, New York, April 2011

The Schott/Harris Tweed biker will be launched in selective stores this Autumn.