Suddenly fed up with city life and New York, Tomi Ungerer and his wife Yvonne, set out in search of a simpler life. They ended up on an isolated peninsula in Nova Scotia, Canada. The nearest town was two miles away and it was three years before they had a road to the house built, so it offered them the chance to create a totally different life for themselves.

While they were there Ungerer continued to paint and write but he also learnt how to be a farmer, a herdsman and, where necessary, a butcher, because without ever intending to establish a farm they gradually acquired sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, cows, pigs and horses.

In his diary, Ungerer describes in vivid detail their trials, tribulations and at times downright bizarre life on the isolated peninsula. Carefully observed drawings of the landscape, the wild animals, their own domestic flock and bring his words to life and create a distinctive impression of the wild and a times bleak landscape.

Originally published in 1983, Far Out isn’t Far Enough is now reissued in a beautifully designed edition to introduce a new audience to Tomi Ungerer’s evocative style of drawing and writing.