For some reason I found myself singing this in the shower this morning. Fleek knows why, I haven’t heard it in years.

Maybe it was the all the SNP victory celebrations on the news or somesuch.

Anyway, loathed as I am to confess my Runrig past (I have some semblance of a reputation to uphold here in Glasgow’s community of hipsters and music snobs), this song always takes me back.

It’s about, generally, having military bases on the islands, foisted on them by a London based government. The biggest drama that goes on at Stornoway Airport nowadays is an over zealous body search but once upon a time it was home to an RAF unit whose purpose during the Cold War was classified…

Anyway, probably an appropriate number for many islanders the morning after polling day…

An deid thu leam a ribhinn og

Gu tir mo gràidh sitheil sona

‘S chi thu saighdearan a’ ruith

Am measg nan lusan bèagh ‘sa mhonadh

Ho ro horain O

Failte gu tir an airm

Ho ro horain O

A’ Coimhead a mach air maduinn chiuin

Air ball mor cruinn os cionn na beinne

‘S bhon is ciuin na tonnan gorm

Tha ceol ru aig ceol na mara

‘S an deid thu leam gu tir mo ghraidh

Seall na h-eoin Dhorchas Dhona

Treabhadh speuran as ar cionn

Deanamh air Steornabhagh le cabhaig

Nis leugh t-eachdraich, fosgail suil

Anns gach linn mu dhoigh an Airnm

Stampadh air na croitean seagail

‘S beathannan og aig gillean Uibhist

 Cha deid mise gu an righ

Cha deid mise an corr a shabaid

O lunnain mheallt, a Bhreatuinn fhoilleil

Cha seas mi ach ‘son sith nan eilean