The new spring menu from our food project goes live this week after a soft launch at the weekend.

[click ‘n’ zoom pic to view]

The Ness marag makes a star turn in three dishes and traditional island favourites like herring, oatmeal and potato get a new twist.

Croft veg appears here and there, there’s Sea trout marinaded in Abhainn Dearg whisky, Seagreens from Hebridean Seaweed as well as lots of Uist landed shellfish.

Other nods to the islands come in the form of peat-smoked haddock, gulls eggs, crowdie and oatcakes and if we didn’t have to purchase a half carcass of the beast we’d have had Highland beef from the Brue fold too. Hopefully we’ll have that at our Highlander’s feast, spit-roasted, at the end of the month.

Won a few awards last year so fingers crossed 2011 goes well too…

Biadh @ MacSorley’s, 42 Jamaica Street, Glasgow. 0141 248 8581