Words by Halina Rifai

“Finn Le Marinel not only writes lyrics that tell the most vivid stories, but the imagery he creates takes me back to artists such as Iain Archer, who have this phenomenal talent of letting your mind immerse itself in the most colourful of worlds. His voice will just amplify his unique storytelling and shepherd you into a calming fog of real emotion. ‘Is This All They Are’ manages to use every part of the guitar that you could think of. Rhythmically, the percussive techniques used are also reminiscent of notable artists such as RM Hubbert. Finn however, uses his voice as much as his guitar. The marriage of both is intoxicating and the fragments of melodic waves he creates are ridden until they manage to escape like wisps of smoke.

There is a strange beauty when it comes to Finn Le Marinel. The melancholy that is prevalent throughout his songs is decorated with his whimsical vocals and a black humour looms. Finn is at the edge of land in terms of his musical discovery and with many years ahead of him I can only imagine what he is capable of. His music clarifies why I continue to champion grass roots artists with almost every breath in my lungs.”