The good Doctor vandalising Callanish earlier this week.

The Croft was less than impressed by the fuss made in the press over a new Dr Who donning a Harris Tweed jacket. His choice of outerwear was lauded by (almost) all and trumpeted as a huge validation of the clo mor and its relevance in today’s (or tomorrows) time-travelling circles…

” The Dr Who thing though, granted, I’m sick of. It makes for a good story sure but it’s the transcience of it that’s the real worry here. Allying your brand to one particular person or identity in the populist zeitgeist is fatal. If one falls from favour, and it will, so too does the other. Who wants to be holding hands with a character who reincarnates himself every few years anyway? And if you have to do so then better a Pharrell than a timelord surely? ” – The Croft December 2010

Then word reached the Croft via a BBC contact that his jacket was in fact often a Donegal tweed number. How embarrassing.

Finally, adding insult to injury, it was revealed today by a Sunday Mail probe the Beeb is now dressing him in a Canadian licensed, Chinese-made rip-off that is 20 per cent acrylic and they have struck a deal to sell the “officially licensed replica blazer” for £360 in nerd emporium Forbidden Planet. Even Mr Haggas’ genuine jackets come in three score cheaper than the comic shop offerings!

For shame but hopefully someone will be able to put a spin on this PR debacle instead of just ranting about it in the press.