Linda Norgrove‘s life was a remarkable one and filled with many achievements in facing the challenges she met. So it seems fitting that The Linda Norgrove Foundation’s key fundraising event in 2011 should mirror this in some small way.

Over six days from 11 to 16 July 2011, Rhoda Bamsey, one of their volunteers, will run an ultra marathon across the whole of the Western Isles where Linda Norgrove grew up.

It’s a distance of approximately 160 miles so Rhoda will be running the equivalent of six marathons in six days to raise much-needed funds for the Linda Norgrove Foundation.

She will also have company! Brian Hindson, a trustee of the Foundation, and John Conway, the Foundation’s volunteer website developer, are going to complete the same route on bicycles.

If you would like to sponsor Rhoda, Brian and John, then please make a donation on the secure online fundraising site – and thank you for your donation.

For further information, you can contact them through the Foundation’s contact form.