It’s been a heck of a past 12 months, a year of uninterrupted work during which a lot of really good things have happened and been done.

The old adage, you only get out of it what you put into it, seems pretty apt right now as does the sentiment an ràthad fada glan, is an ràthad goirid salach.

It’s certainly been a long road anyway.

A lot of things are changing, some under my own control, others less so but I’m happy to be where I am regardless.

And right now I have a week off from the desk without laptop, mobile and email. I’ll spend it with Ms The Croft in one of the Gearrannan Blackhouses (although some maw recently cracked “fancy paying to stay in a fleeking blackhouse!”), eating seafood, drinking rum and visiting friends and family. There’s a 60th birthday to celebrate and much to look back on and forward to.

I wrote a weekly email / newsletter for ten years before handing it on to a younger, fresher writer recently and always signed it off the same way.

As old things come to an end and new doors open I’ll do the same here and catch you in a week or so.