The hunt is on for an official flag to represent the Western Isles.

In the Green & Nordic corner…

In the Yellow &  Retro corner…

The winning flag will become a marketing emblem for the Western Isles and used at external events, such as the Island Games and pub crawls on the mainland.

The Comhairle invite you to vote on your favourite. I have no idea if this is open to the rest of the planet but as it’s online then I guess so.

My vote is for the yellow one as it’s just so fleeking weird. Three 1970’s Noggin The Nog boats floating around some wavy, watery lines and an egg yolk sky. Design classic right there.


Here’s is The Croft’s proposed design to be submitted shortly.

A subtle combination of the two official entrants, here we see an evocative crossings of tarasgeirs, powerfully set off by three iconic herring gulls stealing a marag. A flag I’m sure we can all rally around.

So vote here!