The current An Lanntair exhibition by photographer Ian Lawson blends his photographic talent with the people, landscapes and unique Harris Tweed cloth created in the Western Isles.

Ian’s book ‘From the Land’, from which the idea for this exhibition was born, will be published later in the year and contains Ian’s personal and intimate portrait of the Hebrides and the people and places connected with the production of its iconic textile.

If you’re in Stornoway don’t miss the opportunity to preview the work. We saw it last month in the midst of live music and bubbly (it wasn’t even the official opening so gawd knows what was going on) and loved it.

It’s unashamedly romantic, something that generally goes against my island-focussed world view, all ruddy faced locals and wind-through-the heather beauty, but even this cynical cove found it chiming chord after chord.

Some things you simply can’t photoshop and while the island and weavers aren’t always of these images’ ilk, the photographs are not shot through a dishonest filter.

The images are quite breathtaking at times and the innate link between colour, patterns and texture of the Clo are cleverly linked to the island and its natural world. For some reason the herringbone diptych is particularly striking for me.

So go see it if you can, and if you can’t hold tight for the book. It’s a keeper.

All images © Ian Lawson