Hailing from Uig, Isle of Lewis, The Sea Atlas are Calum Buchanan and Ian Schouten.

Fresh from the Wee Studio with a debut EP in the can and some local live gigs already under their belts, this looks and sounds most promising.

In their own words…

The Sea Atlas sounds like the name suggests, like a weathered ocean chart that your grandfather owned once upon a time, the sound feels familiar and homely, delivered sincerely by a bigger-than-it-seems ensemble of acoustic guitar, banjo, kick drum, and tambourine.

From haunting, tear-jerking finger-picked folk ballads, to foot stomping, hand clapping banjo shred-fests, with everything in between, the live show could have you torn between pulling out the hankies and pulling up a girl to dance with.

These songs of love and hate, life and death, sung with an air of honesty and played with gusto, make the Sea Atlas something engaging. Something interesting. Something you’d do well to take notice of.

And tell your friends to take notice of.

And their friends.